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Nail Extensions

Nail Extensions

Nail extensions are perfect for those who have short nails or bitten nails.

The nails are extended by adding additional length to the natural nails by applying a tip or form, then using a gel or acrylic product to build structure and strength over the top.

The great thing about having nail extensions is that every part of the process is bespoke to the clients requirements. During the consultation the nail length, shape and colour will be discussed and advised according to the clients nails and lifestyle factors.

All nail extensions are made and filed by hand, ensuring optimum health and care of the natural nails and skin. Attention to detail and craft takes time to create such beautiful nails.

Scuplted Nail Extensions-includes gel polish colour, 2 hours

Nail Extensions includes gel polish colour, 1 hour 30 mins

Revolutionary Gel X Nail Extensions includes gel polish colour, 1 hour

Maintenance Infills between 2-3 weeks includes gel polish colour,  1 hour 30 mins

Nail art  per nail



Nail tips are made out of plastic and each size will be measured according to the width of the natural nail to determine the correct size.

The nail tip will then be attached to the natural nail by applying nail glue.

Once the glue is set, the tips will be cut down to the appropriate length advised by the client and shaped and blended to look as natural as possible.

Then the gel or acrylic product will be applied to add strength and structure to the nail.

Image result for nail tipsTMEOG 500Pcs Translucent DIY UV Gel Acrylic French False Nail Art Tips (Natural)
Image result for sculptured nailsImage result for sculptured nails


Scuplted nails are great for bitten nails, short nail beds or high nail beds. This is because the contact surface is less in order to apply a tip.

Scuplted nail extensions are more bespoke following the natural nail height and width.

A form is applied to the nail as a guide to build a whole new nail over the top using gel or acrylic. This method is also great for glue allergy sufferers.

Gel Vs Acrylic

Gel product is a liquid type format. It is flexible and easy to manoeuvre on the nail, it self levels making it easier to file into shape afterwards, also it only sets when exposed under a UV/Led light so it gives you plenty of time to put into place.

There are soft and hard gels on the market which make it a little confusing, each will have their own pros and cons to suit each client. However the main difference is hard gels can only be removed by filing the product off as opposed to soft gels which can be soaked off making it kinder to the natural nails.

Gel is a thinner consistency as opposed to acrylic so it is provides more flexibility and movement to the nails, also giving a more natural look but the strength can be compromised especially on a naturally weaker type nail.

Image result for gel vs acrylic
Image result for acrylic powder and liquid

Acrylic product comes in a liquid and powder format, once the 2 compounds mix, polymerisation happens on the nail which means it starts to set as soon as they both come into contact with one another. This method requires quicker working time of the product as opposed to gel.

Acrylic is a thicker consistency which also means it is a hard wearing product and adds more strength to the nails.

The downside with acrylic is it takes longer to soak off in order to remove the nails. Because the product is inflexible, it increases the chances of lifting and prolonged contact with water can lead to  fungal infections if not treated.

Image result for apres nailsImage result for apres nails

Revolutionary Nail Extensions

Revolutionary Nail Extensions by Apres Nails invented the Gel X nail system which has hit the industry by storm.

Revolutionising the nail market, making it easier and quicker to have instant nail extensions without the need for any nail filing and minimising contact with any fumes, dust, odours or harsh chemicals in half the time!

This method includes a tip made of out gel which covers the whole of the nail and adhered with gel, sandwiching in between the tip and natural nail acting like a strong glue. The tips are already pre-shaped, with the option to shorten/ amend accordingly.

This is suitable for all nail types and sizes, this product does not recommend an infill, so it is best used for a special occasion and then to remove and re-apply if desired.

As the Apres Gel X system is all made out of gel, it soaks off easily and quickly with no damage to the natural nails.

Maintenance & Removal

To maintain the nail extensions, after 2-3 weeks the natural nails will have grown underneath the extensions and there will be a gap appearing from the cuticle area.

This area will need to be filled in (infill) with gel or acrylic product to prevent the nails from breaking or lifting.

During this service the nails will be re-shaped and shortened if required with a colour change and looking brand new.

Image result for overgrown acrylic nails


To remove the nail extensions the product will be soaked off using an acetone based product. The nail extension will be filed in between soaks (if required multiple attempts) to reduce the amount of soak time

Image result for nail art

Nail Art extras

Something to get creative with and express your personality. From hand painted designs, diamantes, glitter, stamps, foils there’s plenty of designs we can play with to turn heads.