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Nails and Manicures

How to get the best long lasting results from your nail treatment!

  • The condition of your nail will affect the performance of any product applied. If you have a thinner, weaker nail, the product will not adhere as effectively as opposed to a strong healthy nail.
  • I will recommend a selection of creams, conditioners and oils that have been formulated specially to target any areas required for improvement, which can be used safely with all products applied to prolong your nail treatment looking its best.
  • Always wear gloves for household chores- or best of all don’t do any!
  • If you come into contact with certain products this can cause your nail treatment to chip, peel or colour fade- here are a few of the most common: cleaning & laundry products (especially containing bleach), solvents and paint products, sun protection products, insect repellent & sprays and chlorine in swimming pools.
  • Take care when cooking or using excessive heat as this can soften the nail product, weakening the seal at the end of the nail and cause chipping.
  • Avoid filing or cutting your nails in-between visits, this breaks the seal at the end of the nail promoting the product to chip or peel.
  • The more care you take of your nails, the longer you will get from your treatment.

UV Gel or Gel Extension removal

Never be tempted to pick or peel off UV Gel or Gel Extensions as this will cause damage to the nail surface, eventually thinning and weakening your nail if done numerous times. To remove the product you will need to SOAK them off in a acetone based solvent for around 15-20 minutes.

Home removal 

If you wish to remove them at home please take great care and patience, try one hand at a time:

  1. Lightly file the surface of the gel to remove the shine
  2. Take a cotton pad and split into quarters
  3. Soak a quarter of the cotton pad into the recommended gel remover
  4. Place this on top of the gel
  5. Wrap a square of tin foil round to secure ensuring there are no air gaps

Repeat to all nails and wait for 15-20 minutes

  1. Remove the tin foil and cotton wool one finger at a time and gently push off the gel residue using the handle of a teaspoon turned over, if the product is not coming off easily repeat steps above and wait for a further 10 minutes, please do not try force the gel off otherwise this will cause damage.
  2. Continue removing the other fingers, one at a time.
  3. Once complete wash your hands and apply moisturiser and cuticle oil daily to restore moisture and condition of your skin and nails.


Waxing/Threading and Lash Extensions


Please avoid the following for a minimum of 24 hours after treatment: Sun exposure, tanning beds, sauna/steam room, swimming, touching the area, strenuous exercise, tight clothing around the treated area, applying perfumed creams, make-up, deodorant, self-tanning lotions.

Aloe Vera Gel can be used after treatment to soothe and promote the healing process.

If irritation or itching occurs apply a cold compress and contact me as soon as possible, if severe seek medical advice.

Lash Extensions

Please avoid the following for a minimum of 24 hours after treatment: getting lashes wet & heat treatments, wearing mascara or use lash curlers, touching, pulling or rubbing the eyes and lashes particularly when removing surrounding eye makeup. Do use the mascara brush given after treatment to comb through the eyelashes every couple days.


Please do not attempt to remove the lashes yourself, book in to get them removed professionally to avoid any damage to your lashes.