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Electrolysis Permanent Hair Removal

Electrolysis Permanent Hair Removal

Electrolysis is the only proven method of permanent hair removal approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). Electrolysis has been around since the 1800’s first invented by ophthalmologist Dr. Charles Michel, to remove his patients’ painful ingrown eyelashes.

Electrolysis is a method of removing individual hairs from the face or body using medical devices. It is highly effective at removing hair of any colour to provide a permanent hair removal solution. It is ideal for a few stray hairs on the chin or upper lip, especially if the hair is white or grey and unsuitable for treatment using Laser.

Electrolysis is considered one of the most effective, long-lasting treatments for hair removal available.

It’s a widely available solution which can be used for any skin type and hair colour.

A simple concept, electrolysis involves cutting off the blood supply to the hair, preventing it from growing any further.

After just a few treatments, you can expect smoother, hair-free skin that no longer requires the maintenance associated with shaving, waxing or plucking.

You don’t need to plan any recovery time, and you can continue your usual routine as soon as the session is complete.

During Electrolysis

The procedure includes a very fine probe inserted into the hair follicle, a little energy is released in the form of heat or chemical to destroy the hair root, then the detached hair is removed with tweezers

A course is recommended as each individual hair will have its own hair growth cycle.

There are three stages involved (most active stage-anagen, end of the active stage-catagen, the resting stage-telogen).

Electrolysis is most effective during the most active stage of the hair growth cycle as there is increased blood flow and hormones to feed that hair.

Side effects

When the treatment is complete, you might find some slight redness or swelling in the area treated.

This is completely normal and disappears after only a short while.

You may also experience some tiny whiteheads or scabs, which will also resolve quickly leaving you with smoother, hairless skin.

At the electrolysis consultation, the number of courses will be discussed as it depends on the size of the area, condition of the hairs and medical contributing factors, a patch test will also be included.

Advanced Electrolysis Procedures

Advanced Electrolysis is a quick and effective treatment to help reduce blemishes, skin tags, facial thread veins and milia.

There are a number of blemishes that can be safely and effectively treated using Advanced Electrolysis including:

  • Telangiectasia (thread veins)


  • Campbell de Morgans (blood spots)

  • Spider Naevi

  • Skin Tags

  • Hairs in moles

  • Milia/milk spots


Advanced Electrolysis is a quick procedure, leaving no marks and minimal pain. A tiny, sterile needle is carefully inserted into, or beside, the area that is being treated. A very small current of energy is passed into this part of the skin. This ‘dries up’ the vessels that feed into the area of concern, leading to a visible reduction in the appearance of the blemish.

What to expect during your advanced electrolysis treatment

Before treatment

Before Advanced Electrolysis treatment a consultation is recommended in order to assess the treatment area, medical history and patch test. This will also allow you to experience the feel of the treatment and review your skin’s response.

During treatment

During Advanced Electrolysis treatment the tiny needle will touch against or within the skin abnormality to cauterise and/or cosmetically reduce the vascular or abnormal growth.

After treatment

After Advanced Electrolysis, depending on the treatment area and size, you can expect some post treatment discomfort and scabbing as the area heals.

This is a temporary side effect. Results are visible immediately, with further improvements seen over a period of time, or following a series of sessions if required.

Many clients can return to work and resume their normal activities immediately after a treatment.

If the area being treated is on your face, you may wish to plan treatment around social events if you do not wish to attend them before post-treatment healing has completed.

Depending on your individual requirements, you may need to book more than 1 treatments, this will be discussed with you during your consultation.

Side effects

After Advanced Electrolysis, some people find the treated area can often scab and appear red. These side effects are short term and will fade in time.

A course of Advanced Electrolysis is often advised for telangiectasia so that treatments can be spaced out to prevent skin damage or hyper-pigmentation.

Some conditions can be quite resilient and more than one treatment may be necessary.