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Facial, Body & Intimate Waxing

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The advantage of waxing techniques requires removing the hairs from the root, which eventually becomes weaker, meaning reduced hair growth over a period of time.

Waxing results can last up to 6-8 weeks depending on previous hair removal methods and your current hair growth cycle.

Over a period of time with regular waxing you will notice the hairs getting finer as they grow back.

Ingrowing hairs are very common as with most hair removal techniques, to prevent ingrowing hairs, exfoliating and moisturising can help.

Warm wax pot & spatula and Roller wax system

Tea Tree warm wax with a pot and spatula method combined with the roller wax system method is used for efficiency and hygiene especially on larger areas.

This allows easy application and precision on removing hairs from a specific area.

The tea tree is a natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory plant which prevents any infection occurring and promotes a faster healing process.

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Strip-less Wax

For more sensitive and intimate areas, strip-less wax/hot wax/peel-able wax is used.

This method does not require any wax strips, instead the warm wax is applied as normal on the hairs and skin, a little wait until the wax is cooled and hardened then removed.

Facial Waxing

Full face  (forehead, temples, cheeks, side burns, lip, chin, neck also includes threading for stubborn hairs) (45 mins)

Half face  (side burns, cheeks, chin)  (20 mins)

Lip wax  (strip) (10 mins)

Chin wax  (strip) (10 mins)

Lip and Chin  (10 mins)

Intimate Waxing

Underarm (20 mins)

Bikini  (20 mins)

High bikini  (25 mins)

Brazilian  (35 mins)

Hollywood  (45 mins)

Body Waxing

  • Full leg and feet/toes  (35 mins)

  • Half leg (Ankle to knee)  (20 mins)

  • Half leg (upper leg)  (25 mins)

  • Full arm and hands/fingers  (25 mins)

  • Half arm  (15 mins)

  • Hands and fingers  (15 mins)

  • Underarm  (15 mins)

  • Abdomen  (15 mins)

  • Full back (30 mins)

  • Half back  (20 mins)