Birmingham City Centre, within 3 miles from B3 3RB
Wednesday & Thursday 10am-8pm Friday 10am-6pm Saturday 9am-5pm

Manicures for all occasions

Offering a range of relaxing facials and skin treatments to target particular skin conditions and concerns.

  • Caviar Renewing Facial (anti-ageing, renewing and relaxing)
  • Hydration & Radiance Facial (for dull, dehydrated skins to brighten and rejuvenate)
  • Skin resurfacing (a progressive, gentle, deeper exfoliation to renew, brighten, reduce fine lines, unveiling fresh, new skin)
  • Micro-needling & Mesotherapy (a bespoke, deeper, skin treatment to target a range of skin conditions and concerns)


Natural Nail Manicures include a selection of quality products enriched with natural ingredients infused with essential oils and plant extracts providing a manicure that revives, nourishes and conditions your skin and nails, finished with an everlasting high shine nail polish or a nail conditioner if preferred.

Luxury OPI Pro Spa Manicure  (includes cuticle tidy, re-shape, exfoliation, heat treatment, massage, nail conditioner and polish application)

Express Manicure  (includes cuticle tidy, re-shape and polish application)

File and Polish

Gel Polish Manicures

Gel Polish Manicures is the new innovation for nails! Long lasting results, everlasting shine, instantly dry, no smudges or chips and easy application.

Luxury OPI Pro Spa Gel Polish Manicure  (includes cuticle tidy, re-shape, exfoliation, heat treatment, massage and Gel Polish application)

Express Gel Polish Manicure  (includes cuticle tidy, re-shape and application)

Soak off (15 mins soaking time prior re-application)

Gel Polish Removal  (includes Express Manicure)

Products used

In all manicure treatments the lotions and polishes used are formaldehyde and paraben-free. Brands are carefully selected to maintain quality and provide long lasting results.