Book a massage at lunch time or after a long day working in or around Birmingham city centre.

Relax and escape from your busy schedule, treat your tired, over-worked mind and muscles to a place of tranquillity, have a massage to melt away your stresses and tensions.

I offer the Swedish and Deep Tissue massage technique, applying deeper pressure increasing oxygenation of blood and releasing metabolic waste such as lactic and uric acids from the tissues of the muscles.

Swedish massage techniques can help not only relieve physical stress but also emotional stress and can have other medical and therapeutic uses.

I personally blend a range of essential oils to suit your requirements mixing grape-seed oil as the main carrier oil enriched with vitamin E and antiseptic qualities to assist with skin repair.

Luxury Full Body Indulge £80 (90 mins) includes: full body Elemis Frangipani Dead Sea salt scrub followed by full body hot lavender or coconut oil massage

Deep Tissue Massage £60 (60 mins)

Full Body Swedish Massage £50 (60 mins)

Indian Head Massage £40 (45 mins)

Back & Neck massage £25 (30 mins)

Foot massage £20 (20 mins)

Hand massage £20 (20 mins)

Head and Scalp massage £20 (20 mins)



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